Children's Ministry @ Apostles

At Apostles, we believe that God is active in children’s lives, drawing them into relationship now.  Our vision for children is clear: We aim to set the space for kids to come to know and delight in their Good Shepherd—that they would become His disciples and participate in His mission of bringing His kingdom to earth.


Children's Chapel (3 year-olds through 5th Grade)

Children’s Chapel takes place during our second service.  Following the church year, the children are ushered into God’s presence, where they can worship, come to know God as their friend and learn to live and be empowered in God’s good kingdom.

Nursery (Birth to 3 year-olds)

For infants and toddlers, there is nursery available during both services, as well as discipleship hour.  Our nursery is a safe, clean and loving environment for the youngest to have fun and begin to know that they are treasured by God.  Each week, the children will be met and cared for by the same experienced and devoted individuals.  In addition, parents are provided with pagers for extra peace of mind during their children’s stay in the nursery.

Discipleship Hour Options:

Atrium I (3 year-olds through Kindergarten)

We are privileged to offer the program Catechesis of the Good Shepherd to our younger children.  Atrium I is a unique space set apart for children to come to know God as their Good Shepherd.  An art station, prayer table, and activities like flower arranging and working with the beautiful and yet simple Bible presentations enable the children to respond to their loving Father’s moving and invitation.

Atrium II (1st Through 3rd grade)

In Atrium II, we gladly build on the foundation of Atrium I.  Once the kids have experienced the joy and wonder of being the sheep of the Good Shepherd, they are ready to discover more of the story of God, its transforming power, as well as see Him at work in the world around us.  He has set a beautiful table for us and here, in Atrium II, they are able to taste and see that God is good and step into the reality of being formed into the very likeness of Jesus.

kairos quest (4th through 5th Grade)

It is here, in this class, that we experience the reality that God calls each of us, including children, to be His disciples, to follow where He leads.  The kids will be taught to hear God’s voice in their daily lives, as well as be empowered to respond to what He is saying to them. The kids will also come to hear and respond to God’s invitation to join Him in His epic quest of bringing His kingdom to earth.