• Classes will Launch Sunday January 27th

  • If you are interested in leading a topical study group or Bible study, please get in touch with Fr. Martin.

    Here’s what we have on slate for adults so far:

  • Ephesians Bible Study with The Rev. Bob Hale Walking with Paul, the former assassin of Christians, now an Apostle of Jesus on steps from conversion (belief) to discipleship (practice). In this letter, Paul leads the believer through major beliefs (doctrines) of the church to the expected behavior (duty) of church women and men. Deliberately, he offers a foundational understanding of the church and its leadership.

  • Christ in the Dark with Trevor Durbin During this class we will go through the works of saints, theologians, and lay Christians to gain perspective on how to bear the hardships of life. We will hopefully learn different ways in which God strengthens and comforts his people in their need and be encouraged to be present and comforting to others.